a. Studies and Research: AACIM conducts various studies and research related to important issues in marketing, consumer behavior, in the form of collaboration with other institutions and independent research.

b. Public Policy Discussion: Actively involved in public policy discourse through the holding of seminars, webinars, talk shows, interviews, etc. and various means of discussing business practices, marketing issues, consumer behavior, consumer protection and others. Please visit AACIM Webinar

c. Publication: AACIM also publishes the results of analysis of practices and policies in the form of articles, books, whitepapers, journals, and various other formats in order to provide education to increase smart consumers.

d. Training and Workshops: AACIM organizes various forms of training and workshops related to business practices, sales, marketing and consumer behavior both for management, companies, managers, employees, students, NGOs and the public. Please visit AACIM Training