1. Vision Organization AACIM

AACIM (Asian Association for Consumer Interests and Marketing (Perkumpulan Ahli Ilmu Konsumen dan Ilmu Pemasaran)* is the leading consumer and marketing policy research and education organization consisting of an international community of researchers, educators, related professionals and industries players dedicated to enhancing consumer well-being in Asian region. AACIM promotes the consumer interest by encouraging, producing and communicating policy-relevant research.

2. Mission Oranization AACIM

a. The mission of AACIM is to champion consumers’ interest, enhance consumer well-being and promote fair trading in the Asian region. AACIM adopt a three-pronged approach in working towards an ideal consumer-business environment. The ultimate goal of AACIM is the improvement of the quality of everyday life for consumers

b. AACIM fulfills its mission through activities that include:

c. A peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal that publishes cutting edge scholarship focusing on consumer and marketing issues;

d.  A multidisciplinary conference where high quality scholarship on consumer and marketing issues is presented and discussed; and

e. Special projects that promote the exchange of ideas among those interested in consumer and marketing issues.

3. Goals

a. To advance knowledge by identifying issues, stimulating research, and promoting education, that can inform policy makers and industries on consumer and marketing issues.
b. To provide for the professional development of the membership by creating, maintaining and stimulating interactive communication among advocates, business representatives, educators, policy makers, and researchers through publications, educational programs, conferences and networking opportunities.

4. Tagline: Empowering Consumer!!

To achieve AACIM Consumer’s Values:

Smarter, Wiser, Healthier, Wealthier, Kindness

5. Programs

Studies and Research: AACIM conducts various studies and research related to important issues in marketing, consumer behavior, in the form of collaboration with other institutions and independent research.

a. Public Policy Discussion: Actively involved in public policy discourse through the holding of seminars, webinars, talk shows, interviews, etc. and various means of discussing business practices, marketing issues, consumer behavior, consumer protection and others.

b. Publication: AACIM also publishes the results of analysis of practices and policies in the form of articles, books, whitepapers, journals, and various other formats in order to provide education to increase smart consumers.

c. Training and Workshops: AACIM organizes various forms of training and workshops related to business practices, sales, marketing and consumer behavior both for management, companies, managers, employees, students, NGOs and the public.